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I can't see the forum I want to test in!
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Author:  Dussander [ Tue Nov 02, 2010 10:26 am ]
Post subject:  I can't see the forum I want to test in!

The explanation below will also be included in the FAQ (faq.php#f1r10) which is always the best place to direct people who need help.

Forums are used to test individual missions and each mission or campaign is given its own forum for discussions to take place. It is unlikely and not recommended that testing discussions take place in threads in the public forums, which are those in the 'General Forums' category.

The 'Current Betas' category is likely to house forums for mission testing. However, they are invisible to the public due to the private nature of testing and to avoid giving away spoilers. All the forums rely on permissions to see and post on them. For instance, this public forum gives registered users the right to post and edit but it doesn't allow the same thing for unregistered users.

Each forum dedicated to testing a mission/set of missions will have a usergroup with the same name. This usergroup allows people to access the mission testing forum. A usergroup is managed by the FM author responsible for the mission. Hence, if you've agreed to test a mission you should make sure you contact the FM author so they can add you to their usergroup. Once this occurs you will be able to see the forum in the 'Current Betas' category. Alternatively, you can apply to join a usergroup yourself, which will send a request to the FM author, which they can either approve or not.

The process for this is outlined in the link below, but with a couple of differences.


Instead of selecting the circular option box besides 'Available for testing', you will need to select the option besides the mission you want to test. If there is no circular option next to a mission, it means that the FM author is not accepting additional testers at that point.

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